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  • Can Acupuncture Help Back Pain?

    Can Acupuncture Help Back Pain?
    When you live with lower back pain, it may be difficult to enjoy your normal activities. You may experience tightness, swelling, and a decrease in your normal physical mobility. Being in pain for a long time can even cause you to develop depression, anxiety, or mood changes. To help enhance your quality of life, it’s important to find a treatment that relieves your chronic...
  • Ice vs. Heat Therapy for Back Pain: Pros and Cons of Each

    Ice therapy and heat therapy can help you heal from back pain, depending on your condition and the source of the pain. Cold therapy is best for acute pain and injuries, whereas heat therapy is best for chronic pain, dull pain, and stiffness. Contrast therapy applies heat and cold intermittently and can be beneficial in treating chronic back pain and stiffness. People with certain...
  • 5 Ways to Help Ease the Pain of Lower Back Inflammation

    Pain in the lower back can be debilitating, preventing you from working, exercising, or enjoying your day-to-day life. Most often, low back pain can be categorized into two types: mechanical and inflammatory. Knowing the difference between the two kinds of pain will help you determine how to treat your condition. Mechanical back pain is the most common type of back pain. It’s caused when...
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