Curavi Glove

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  • FDA Cleared Cold Laser Therapy
Laser Light Therapy
  • Temporary pain relief for arthritis in hands and wrists
  • Visibly tightened and rejuvenated skin
  • Supports joints and muscle health
  • Accelerated recovery after surgery, sprains, cuts, & bruises

The 650nm near infrared lights for pain used in the Curavi Glove permeates deep into tissue, joints, & muscles to help keep your hands working as they should.


Arthritis relief now comes in a convenient glove. Temporary arthritis pain relief for hands can be achieved through 12-minute daily sessions.


You can enjoy temporary hand and wrist pain relief at home or on the road with the durable, travel-ready Curavi Glove.


The power of 104 Medical Grade Laser Diodes help speed up your recovery, whether from cuts, bruises, or old scars!


Curavi utilizes technology that is safe and effective with no known adverse side effects.


Laser therapy that’s FDA-Cleared and backed by doctors within our network.


Battery-powered laser therapy that's ready whenever and wherever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Curavi Right for Me?

The first step to healing and feeling better is reducing inflammation. Many kinds of research have been conducted, and laser diode therapy works! Photo biomodulation treatment is a proven effective therapy for pain management and is cleared by the US FDA. “Curavi works by deeply penetrating the soft tissue cells, inflammation, and affecting cellular activity. So not only does it help you with pain, but it helps with muscle or tendon tears. It creates an environment for the cellular activity to do all its work,” says Dr. Armando Hassun, Curavi Medical Director, Anesthesiologist.

What’s the best therapy for my pain, LED or laser diode?

Laser diode (LD) & light-emitting diode (LED) therapy isn’t the same. LD light is more concentrated; LED is scattered light. This makes lasers ideal for medical therapeutic use. Lower priced devices mix LEDs & can’t provide the output required for tissue penetration for the most effective pain management.

How safe are Curavi lasers?

The US FDA gave clearance to Curavi devices as safe treatments for pain management. Curavi is clinically proven, low-level laser light technology that operates at 650nm. This wavelength of laser energy output is visible red light. Red laser energy is restorative in nature and does not damage skin cells. Instead, it is absorbed by the skin without causing any pain or discomfort.

Are Curavi lasers hot?

Curavi laser technology is complemented by heat therapy for the most comforting experience of pain management. The diodes are warm to the touch, meaning your LLLT treatment will alleviate muscle tightness throughout the session of your device. This is safe during treatment & is a typical result as the lasers stimulate cells, increase oxygenation & blood flow.

How are Curavi lasers different from the market competitors?

Keep in mind: Not all laser therapy is the same. In the laser pain treatment industry, there isn’t an accountability organization monitoring language used to market devices, especially online. Some competitors mix LEDs & LDs and use language like “light diodes, light therapy, red light therapy, laser light, laser hair cap,” and so on to sell at lower price points. Curavi uses 100% laser diode light, making it unique in its technology.