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The Science Behind

Address Pain At The Cellular Level

Unlike other red light therapy devices which use LEDs, Curavi delivers consistent red light from medical-grade lasers.

Once the light hits your skin, the photobiomodulation process begins. Deep down in your cell's mitochondria, the red light wavelength stimulates enzymes that are vital to the production of ATP - the energy your cells use to work.As this enzyme absorbs the lasers, ATP generation increases, facilitating more blood flow in and out of surrounding tissue. Photobiomodulation relieves inflammation, so that you can feel soothing relief sooner.


The Road To Recovery

Battery-powered laser therapy that's ready whenever and wherever you need it.

Feel the power of Curavi’s laser-only technology to penetrate deep into your muscles and get long-lasting relief.Enjoy a safe, non-invasive treatment with no known side effects.Take your therapy anywhere with the convenient and portable battery powered device.


Real Stories

“The treadmill came to a complete stop.”

Chris' accident left him with riddled, before and after surgery. See how Curavi helped Chris alleviate his lower back pain and start his journey back to normalcy.

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How does it work

Discover the Difference
Curavi Makes

Curavi promotes temporary pain relief by using the power of low-level laser therapy. Get back to what you love doing, sooner - and with less pain.