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What Does Red Laser Light Therapy Do

What Does Red Laser Light Therapy Do

Red light therapy has been making waves in the world of pain relief. Certain biochemical responses that allow our body to function properly actually respond to a red light. This exposure can help with wellness and healing. Pain relief isn’t the only thing that red light can help with. Red light has also been found to help promote hair growth and help change your mood. Today, we’ll be talking about what red light therapy can do for you.

What is Red Light Therapy Good For?

So, what is red light therapy good for? Red light therapy can be used for many different applications. It’s all thanks to the process known as photobiomodulation. This process is a biochemical reaction where red light stimulates your cells to produce more energy for your body to use for healing purposes - there are many benefits to red light therapy. This process is non-invasive and safe. Some devices on the market use LEDs to produce heat for healing, however for Curavi, we use the red light itself for healing which can be even safer and more effective. You may even hear this form of therapy being referred to as “cold lasers” since it doesn’t radiate heat. This makes Curavi not only one of the best options, but among the most comfortable. Red light therapy can be a great way to get results without needing to sit in countless waiting rooms, and not to mention the amount of money you’ll save.

What Does Red Light Therapy Do For Your Hair?

How can red light therapy help your hair? Deep down in your scalp, hair follicles are these little holes on your scalp that grow hair. However, when someone is experiencing hair loss, these follicles either become smaller or damaged, which then causes hair production to cease completely. We can use red light therapy to reverse these effects and help promote hair growth. When the red light hits the scalp, it causes the cells to produce more energy and blood flow so that those hair follicles will start to heal and even open up so that more hair can grow. This process takes time, but with constant use, hair growth can happen.

What Does Red Light Therapy Do For Your Skin?

Red light therapy can also be used to help with skin health as well. When exposed to red light, the same biological effects that happen with pain relief and hair growth, also apply here. The same way that red light therapy can promote your cells to generate more energy to help those bodily functions that heal, we can use red light with managing acne. Red light therapy can help kill bacteria that lies on the skin that can cause certain forms of acne to appear. It can also help reduce inflammation on the skin, which can prevent other forms of acne to appear. Some doctors even recommend using red light therapy in conjunction with creams and medications to expedite results and healing.

What Are The Risks of Red Light Therapy?

The risks that go along with red light therapy are not as numerous as you may think. Many devices on the market, including Curavi, are designed to mitigate any damage to your skin or body. As for the light itself, exposure to too much red light may damage the skin, whereas too little light might not actually do anything. For the most part, these red laser therapies are safe for their targeted uses, assuming that all instructions are being closely reviewed and followed.

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