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How Does Red Laser Light Therapy Work

How Does Red Laser Light Therapy Work

So, what is red light therapy? Red light therapy is a form of biomodulation treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light, usually with a red color, to cause biochemical reactions within your body that can promote various health benefits. Since there’s quite a bit that red light can do, there are plenty of products on the market that use red light therapy to treat things from pain relief to hair loss. Today, we’ll be talking about how red light works. We’ll also discuss the differences between laser light and LED light, and how each one is different.

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How Does Red Light Therapy Works? What Are The Benefits?

So how does red light therapy work? Red light therapy works by utilizing the special properties that a certain wavelength of light. This magical wavelength is 650 nanometers. If you were to observe this wavelength, you’ll see a nice bright red light. This light triggers a lot of biochemical responses in your body. If we were to grab a microscope, this is what you would see, at the cellular level. The red light penetrates the skin and stimulates a certain membrane within the mitochondria. This special membrane is vital to the formation of something called ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). ATP is a form of energy that our cells use to perform whatever actions they need. Think of this as gas for a car or batteries for a remote control. That can be good when experiencing pain since energy is needed to fuel the processes in your body that are responsible for healing. However, a chemical “monitor” controls the amount of ATP is created and released into the blood stream. This is where red light comes in, because the monitor actually reacts to that special wavelength. When exposed to the red light, the monitor detaches itself from the ATP creation process and allows for more energy to be released. This, in turn, makes it so that your blood vessels dilate causing more blood and energy to travel around the area where the red light is shining. This will allow the processes in your body that deal with muscle and tissue repair to kick in faster – providing relief sooner.

LED vs Laser - Which is Better For Pain Reduction?

So now that we know what happens at a molecular level, let’s turn our attention to how the light is emitted. There are two ways that red light can be delivered to the skin. The two most common forms of technology used to shine red light are lasers and LEDs. So what are the differences? Lasers concentrate light directly to a specific area so that it can penetrate the skin deeper. LEDs on the other hand scatter light. Although with enough time, LEDs could work, lasers are faster and more effective in shining 650 nanometer light. The lasers used by Curavi belts are known as “cold lasers,” which means they don’t generate heat by themselves so they can provide all of the benefits of red light therapy without being uncomfortable.

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Say Goodbye to Your Pain With Curavi

Pain relief is made easy and convenient with Curavi. Our belts use 100% real laser diodes to help deliver the red light right to where your body needs it most. It’s noninvasive, safe and fast. Only 30 minutes with Curavi and it can help give you the needed alleviation that comes from the power of red light therapy.

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