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How to Not Let Lower Back Aches Ruin Your Day

How to Not Let Lower Back Aches Ruin Your Day

Nagging lower back pains can be downright incapacitating, preventing you from going about your day-to-day life and enjoying the things you used to. When you suffer from soreness, stiffness, and discomfort, you don’t feel like doing anything fun, let alone going to work or taking care of things around the house. As a result, you may feel bad about yourself or experience feelings of isolation, hopelessness, anxiety, or depression. In short, back aches can majorly ruin your day. But there are a few things you can do to prevent that from happening.

  • Avoid Common Back Pain Triggers – What makes your back pain go from mild to severe? What things do you feel are causing it to begin with? There are probably a few different things, such as the chair you sit in, the shoes you wear, and even perhaps the foods and drinks you consume. For many people, avoiding debilitating back pain is as simple as swapping out the old, posture-worsening desk chair with an ergonomic style or introducing some lumbar support.
  • Invest in At-Home Treatments – If you have chronic back pain, it simply isn’t practical to see a professional masseuse or chiropractor every day, even though you know these things can probably lead to some relief. You can prevent the back pain woes by stocking your house with proven treatments that bring relief. Try our laser light therapy belts for back aches to get temporary relief from lower back pain. Foam rollers and home massagers may also help.
  • Get a Good Night’s Rest – Sleep is a big factor in overall health and well-being, and it’s closely tied to the way we feel each day. Your mattress and sleep quality combined can worsen chronic and acute back pain, so, if you believe this is a factor, you may want to consider upgrading to a different mattress. Try to follow good sleep habits, such as turning off all screens at least an hour before bed and using blackout curtains so outside light doesn’t interrupt your sleep.
  • Stretch and Exercise Throughout the Day – We know that working out feels like the last thing you want to do when your back is achy, but it’s arguably more important now than ever. In fact, research shows that not getting enough exercise can lead to weakened core muscles, which can contribute to and worsen chronic back pain. At the same time, routinely exercising and stretching has been shown to reduce pain in the lower back, so it’s important to find ways to integrate it into your regimen. Just make sure to do it without worsening your condition.
  • Seek Out Healthy Distractions – Try to fill your non-working hours with things that brighten your mood and take your mind off the pain. Studies show that spending time with friends and family can bring measurable mental health benefits, so don’t isolate yourself when you’re feeling the pain. Other things that may help distract the mind and boost the mood include a trip to the movies, going to a concert, playing video games, or going for a walk in the park.
  • Talk to Those Who Can Help – Sometimes it helps to simply have a group of people to talk to about the pain. Whether it is a close friend, a mental health professional, or an online support group, communicating with others who have been through what you’re going through will help prevent the pain from destroying your day-to-day life and help you find a bright side.
  • Invest in Self-Care – Practicing good self-care—all those special little things you do for yourself to ensure your own mental and physical health—is paramount to a good back pain treatment plan. Self-care includes everything from taking a quiet bath with luxury bath bombs to taking your favorite yoga class or baking something sweet. These practices not only bring joy while you’re doing them, but they also give you something to look forward to so you don’t let the pain negatively affect your day.

Steps to a Better Life

Not only will the above tips help prevent the pain from destroying your day, but they can also help prevent the pain from destroying your life. The fact is that untreated, unaddressed back pain can contribute to serious health and lifestyle issues down the road, so getting things back on track can drastically improve your quality of life.


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