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The Link Between Headaches & Back Pain

The Link Between Headaches & Back Pain

The spinal column is essential to life, providing both structural and nervous system support for your entire body. It is made up of 33 different bones, starting at your neck and traveling down to your lumbar area. Since the spinal anatomy spans from your head to your lower back, it is no wonder that a headache and back pain can be related. The following guide explains more about the link between these conditions, as well as how you can use low-level laser therapy for lower back pain to feel better.

How Are Headaches & Back Pain Related?

Studies show that people with frequent headaches or chronic lower back pain are twice as likely to experience other disorders as well. Both headaches and back pain are a leading cause of disability, yet they commonly occur in the adult population both in the United States and worldwide.

These conditions can be debilitating and decrease your quality of life, so it is essential to find the right treatment for your needs. There are both innovative and effective ways to care for your condition. Talk to your doctor about the following therapies and how they can help to relieve your symptoms.

Possible Causes of Headaches with Back Pain

In some cases, lower back discomfort and headaches occur at the same time. Some possible causes of headaches with back pain include poor posture, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), or traumatic injury. It is also possible to have both types of pain if your muscles are tight as a result of anxiety or stress. Pregnancy, migraine, and infections can also cause these symptoms to occur together. You may have both a headache and back issues if you have a health condition like arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Doctors have found that the symptoms can also occur together in patients with fibromyalgia. Some conditions involving headache and back pain can be severe or life-threatening, such as brain aneurysms.

It is vital to seek emergency care if you have sensations of head and back discomfort accompanied by a fever. You should also see a doctor right away if have both headache and backache and you have recently suffered a bodily injury, been in a car accident, or have some of the symptoms of meningitis, which also include high fever, nausea, or vomiting, and stiff neck.

How Can I Treat My Headaches?

Many of the most effective headache treatments involve lifestyle changes. Adults who are experiencing chronic daily headaches should try to avoid some of the most common headache triggers like dehydration, skipping meals, and not getting enough sleep. It is also helpful to exercise regularly, reduce stress, and limit caffeine.
Taking over-the-counter (OTC) headache medications more than twice per week can cause symptoms to come back even stronger. Talk to your doctor if you are having problems controlling your pain. They may recommend prescription medications, botulinum toxin injections, or alternative medicine treatments such as massage, acupuncture, or biofeedback.

Relieving Lower Back Pain

Some of the best home remedies for back pain relief include regular exercise, heat therapy, and ice therapy. You can also try massage, stress-reduction techniques, and getting more sleep. If you are experiencing pain, inflammation, or swelling in your lower back, laser light therapy for back pain is an excellent option for your needs. This non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment uses safe laser light to penetrate the skin and modulate the inflammatory process for fast pain relief.
Our Curavi™ laser therapy belts deliver this pure low-laser light through medical-grade laser diodes. The durable yet comfortable belt made of breathable fabric and a revolutionary patented design provides you with 30-minute auto-timed sessions, so you do not have to watch the clock. Wear it while you meditate, rest your head, or engage in deep breathing.

While it makes treatment stress-free, it is also safe enough to use with any exercise routines, nutrition plans, or headache medications prescribed by your doctor. Talk to your physician if you have any questions, and then select from three levels of coverage. Select from the economical and convenient CuraviUltra™ Belt, the powerful and affordable CuraviPlus™ Belt, or the professional-grade CuraviPro™ Belt.

No matter which belt you choose, you will be on your way to getting fast, temporary relief from your lower back symptoms so you can focus on solutions for your whole body wellness.

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