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How to Help Extend the Life of Your Curavi Laser Light Therapy Belt

How to Help Extend the Life of Your Curavi Laser Light Therapy Belt

Back pain can make it difficult to enjoy your normal activities. With a Curavi™ laser light therapy belt of your own, you can be on your way to a more comfortable lifestyle. In addition to the temporary relief of muscle and joint aches, using a laser therapy belt makes it possible for you to reduce your pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms.

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To make the most of your device, wear it for 30-minute sessions as directed. You can also help yourself to maximize this at-home treatment by discovering how to extend the life of your device. A few simple tips are all you need to enjoy the benefits of laser light therapy belts for lower back pain for as long as possible.

Store It in Its Case

While each Curavi laser therapy belt is both durable and dependable, there are a few ways you can further extend its life. First, be sure to store it properly when you are not using it. Every product comes with a lightweight case, so safe storage is easy. Use this special container to house your device and accessories every time you travel.

In addition to protecting the items, it will keep them together in one place. This will ensure you do not lose any pieces throughout your house, while you are at work, or when you are on vacation. Proper storage also protects your device from curious kids, pets, and the elements.

Charge Your Battery

Every Curavi laser light therapy belt comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Lithium ion technology is designed to last as long as possible and Curavi technology makes it even easier to prolong your battery’s life. Accessories include our convenient AC adapter, which works on 100-240 volt inputs.

Four interchangeable plugs are also included, making it easy to travel with your device anywhere around the world. Auto-timed treatments will further help to extend the life of your battery. Enjoy 30-minute auto-programmed sessions that shut off at the end of treatment, so you never have to watch the clock or worry about something else to remember.

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Choose the Right Device

There are many different types of back conditions and experiences with back pain. When you take the time to choose the right device for your symptoms and lifestyle, you will prevent yourself from needing to upgrade to another laser light therapy belt later. There are three types of laser therapy belts to choose from.

Our devices have the following specifications and benefits:

  • CuraviUltra™ Belt: Both economical and convenient, the CuraviUltra belt provides great coverage, with 420 mW total output of pure laser light. Breathable Laserflex™ technology combined with a patented laser light design effortlessly adjusts to your body shape, while the non-pharmaceutical treatment helps to ease your symptoms without the use of prescription drugs or invasive procedures.
  • CuraviPlus™ Belt: With this laser therapy belt, you will receive all of the benefits of the Curavi™ system, but with 800 mW of total output. This excellent coverage provided by the CuraviPlus is not only powerful but also affordable. Relieve aching, pain, or stiffness with medical-grade laser diodes, all in 30-minutes per session.
  • CuraviPro™ Belt: This premier device offers professional-grade coverage, with 1000 mW total output of pure laser light. As it modulates the inflammatory process for fast relief, the CuraviPro belt will also work to stimulate an increase in local blood circulation. A gentle heating sensation complements the laser light therapy for pain relief as it calms and relaxes your muscles. In addition to being a drug-free, painless treatment, you will also have the peace of mind of knowing that no adverse effects have been reported.

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Making the Most of Laser Light Therapy for Back Pain

A laser light therapy belt can help you to relieve your aches, pains, and spasms. Wearing it and storing it in the appropriate way can help you to maximize its benefits. By keeping your device in its storage case and the accessories in the pouch, you will help to protect it from wear and tear and the elements. It will also help you to find your device and battery quickly as soon as you need pain relief.

Keep your laser light therapy belt charged so you can take it with you wherever you go. With regular use and a commitment to your 30-minute therapy sessions, you can relieve your back pain and enjoy your favorite activities.

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