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Lower Back Pain
Treatment Options

From non-intrusive, non-pharmaceutical to surgery and interventions.

There is a wide variety of treatment options for those suffering from back pain, ranging from non-intrusive to physical therapy, pharmaceutical, and surgical intervention:

  • Hot/Cold: Application of heat or cold or alternating between the two to help relieve pain and inflammation.
  • Exercise: Exercises in combination with stretching helps to strengthen the lower back muscles and core, which can help alleviate or prevent lower-back pain.
  • Low-Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT): Also referred to as photobiomodulation therapy or PBMT, low-level laser light therapy is one of the best ways to get relief from lower back pain. Using non-ionizing light sources, PBMT devices are able to penetrate the skin and modulate pain and inflammation without the use of invasive treatments and pharmaceuticals.
  • Over-the-Counter Medication: NSAIDs and over-the-counter analgesics can help relieve back pain, although there are health risks associated with the long-term consumption of these medications, such as irritation of the gastric lining and interference with kidneys and liver.
  • Opioids: Patients in the higher pain scale or those with chronic back pain may be prescribed opioid analgesics, but the side effects can include nausea, vomiting, constipation, and the risk of becoming narcotic dependent.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapists may use passive or active therapy on patients to decrease pain, such as utilizing TENS units or ultrasounds, as well as stretching and exercising.
  • Spinal Interventions: Based on the underlying cause of the back pain, doctors may recommend spinal interventions such as epidural steroid injections to help ease pain in patients.
  • Surgery: If there is a mechanical problem with the spine, a doctor may recommend surgery to correct the underlying cause of pain.
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