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5 Ways to Help Ease Back Pain in the Comfort of Your Own Home

5 Ways to Help Ease Back Pain in the Comfort of Your Own Home

When you live with back pain, the symptoms of discomfort can be difficult to ignore. Some of the most common back pain treatment options include over-the-counter pain relievers, prescription medications, and minimally invasive surgery. While these treatments may help certain people, there are others who do not wish to use medicines or those who are not a candidate for surgery.

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In these cases, innovative options such as laser light therapy belts for back pain can help to reduce tension or irritation. Best of all, these alternative strategies can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

The following activities are a few of the simple yet effective ways you can ease back pain. None of them require any special preparation. Once you find the right combination of therapies, you will enjoy a better quality of life without recovering from a procedure, attending several new doctor’s appointments, or adjusting your current prescription plan.

1. Stay Active

Pain can keep you from feeling like yourself. If you are experiencing sensations of discomfort, you may want to sit on the couch or rest in bed. However, the experts at Spine Health say that getting active can help you to improve your mobility and strengthen the muscles throughout your back. By exercising regularly, you will improve circulation, which will help to distribute oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Working out also releases endorphins, which help to relieve pain naturally.

The best way to exercise and keep discomfort at a minimum is to choose gentle, low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming, or yoga. You should also combine cardio activities with strength workouts and stretching. If you have any questions about how certain exercises can affect your condition or symptoms, talk to your doctor before you begin.

2. Care for Your Muscles

Many causes of back pain involve an irritation or injury to the muscles throughout the back. Paying special attention to these muscles and tendons can help to relieve tension and promote healing. One way to care for your muscles better is to stretch more often.

The doctors at WebMD recommend stretching all of the major muscle groups at least two times per week, for at least 60 seconds per exercise. While you should ask your physician before starting any new stretching program, the following activities from Healthline are known to help build strength in the back and provide some assistance with pain relief. Some people also find foam rollers helpful for relieving irritation or tightness.

3. Try Heat or Ice

Heat and ice therapy can be helpful for easing back pain as a result of pulled muscles, a lower back injury, or conditions such as herniated discs or spinal stenosis. For acute back pain, doctors recommend using cold therapy first, and then applying heat. Chronic back pain does not respond well to cold therapy. Instead, try continuous, low-level heat like that in a wrap, belt, or pack.

To help prevent back pain from exercise, use cold therapy immediately afterward. As with all new therapies, talk to your doctor for advice. It is also important to follow all product instructions carefully to avoid injury to the skin, including frostbite or burns.

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4. Improve Your Ergonomics

Whether you work at a desk all day or tend to slouch on the couch, poor ergonomics can be contributing to your back pain. Help relieve tension by sitting better. Work to improve your posture and correct your body alignment. When you sit up straight, your muscles and tendons will be better supported.

Next, select an office chair, keyboard, and mouse that help to cradle the muscles and bones in your hands, arms, and back. Paying attention to what the Mayo Clinic refers to as “office ergonomics” can help you decide where to position your computer screen. These slight adjustments can help to enhance posture and reduce tension in both your upper and lower back.

5. Use a Laser Light Therapy Belt

A laser light therapy belt can help to relieve your lower back pain symptoms. Cutting-edge therapies such as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), also known as low-level light therapy or LLLT, is one of the best ways to get relief from backaches. PBMT devices like laser light therapy belts use non-ionizing light sources to penetrate the skin and modulate pain and inflammation. Best of all, the device allows you to care for your back without the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive treatments.

Our economical and convenient CuraviUltra™ Belt provides you with a convenient way to give laser therapy a try. The device harnesses this technology to temporarily alleviate lower back pain associated with mild to moderate muscle aches, muscle spasms, and inflammation. In just 30 minutes, a 420 mW output of safe laser light will penetrate the skin at the necessary depth and modulate the inflammatory process, so you’ll feel better.

Get up to 800 mW output and excellent outcomes with our CuraviPlus™ Belt—or, for the most exceptional coverage, our premier device, the CuraviPro™ Belt, offers 1000 mW of professional-grade coverage to reduce discomfort while stimulating an increase in blood circulation.

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Easing Back Pain & Improving Quality of Life

Lower back pain can cause significant challenges for anyone. Thankfully, there are ways to feel better and improve your daily life from the comfort of your home. Here at Curavi, we seek to help those with symptoms of lower back discomfort thrive in their busy lives, all while enhancing their feelings of health and wellness.

Whether you prefer the economical yet effective power of the CuraviUltra™ Belt, the quality and affordability of the CuraviPlus™ Belt, or the professional-grade therapies provided by the CuraviPro™ Belt, you now have a way to feel more mobile and reduce discomfort quickly. Combine the belt with the above activities to find a care plan that is right for you. Combined with a positive approach and consultation with your doctor, you can improve the way your back feels without serious interventions or time off from what you love.

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